Triply-Periodic Surfaces

A reference containing information about periodic surfaces suitable for infill structure in 3D printed parts.


Mesh Coarsening

An algorithm for coarsening simplex meshes, to enable multigrid methods with unstructured meshes.

Visual Proof: Sum of Squares

Gauss is said to have found an elegant visual proof for summing integers. Does a similar idea work for summing perfect squares?

Coffee Cup Vibrations

What sound does a coffee mug make when you tap it with a spoon? In this post, we write a small 2D finite element code in Mathematica to simulate a coffee cup vibrating.


Setting up a Local Compiler Explorer

Compiler Explorer is a great tool for prototyping and understanding code snippets, and running a local instance can make it even more flexible and responsive.

CMake ExternalData Example

CMake's ExternalData provides a way for projects to download large data files just-in-time, rather than putting them directly in a git repo or project tarball. This feature doesn't seem to be used very often, so this is an example project showing how to set it up.

Path Analysis

How to analyze paths to determine shortest arrival time, possible arrival speeds, and boost usage.

Aerial Hits

How to make your Rocket League bot reliably hit aerials.